The Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior

Our focus and  intention for this class is to learn to be present in the face of fear,as well as learn to heighten our awareness and act in a way to safeguard our whole being.

The practices we will be pursuing:

Meditation, various martial art disciplines 

Tenshi Ki – energy cultivation for healing, awareness and strength.

The tools to be used:

Wooden sword (Bokken)

Short staff (Hanbo), medium staff & cane

Wooden knife (Tanto) & 6 inch wooden stick (Yawara)

All of these practices transfer to living a more centered and balanced everyday life as well as developing a higher level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self awareness. We believe protecting our spiritual sovereignty to be our ultimate goal.

*For those interested and dedicated to the practice there is an opportunity to dive into a more in-depth practice, as well as live sword training in the Bushido Style.

Must call for interview prior to joining. This will be a small and dedicated class.

Class duration: 2 hours once a week to begin.

Donation based exchange.

Class lead by instructor and practitioner of 35 years of Bushido, Aiki Ju Jutsu, Aikido, Kendo.


Apr 23 2024 - Dec 07 2024


5:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Private Studio